Los Angeles

Los Angeles

May 24, 2016
The Line Hotel
Los Angeles, CA

Now Next Why is the essential, practical guide to overcoming the biggest challenges facing creatively ambitious businesses. Contagious will give you the answers to what matters to help you do better work and get ahead of the competition.


Marketing Metropolis

Disruption and creativity should go hand-in-hand, right? But the ongoing metamorphosis of marketing has left many feeling equally cursed and blessed: on the one hand dazzled by the opportunities, and on the other paralysed, or left tinkering at the edges rather than embracing change head-on. But with 75% of CMOs expecting to assume responsibility for the entire customer journey by 2020 – a remit only 35% have today – it’s time to stare down the lengthening roster of egos and expertise staking a claim on marketing turf and figure out your best play.

In this section, Contagious will map the changing landscape to highlight areas of opportunity for agencies and brands. We’ll also look to the companies that have consciously uncoupled themselves from a traditional approach to communications, rethinking and remodelling their approach to optimise for a new reality that values systems thinking deftly informed by storytelling.

Contagious Pioneers

At Contagious when we talk about the 1%, we’re not talking cash, we’re talking creativity. This year we launched Contagious Pioneers, our ranking of the agencies from around the world that consistently set the standard for innovation and excellence in marketing. From pet food to automotive to retail, our analysis has shown that exceptional work can come from any category and any country.

So what is that makes our Pioneer agencies special? What do these creative over-achievers do differently? What does it really take to be a trailblazer? And how are you going to get into the Contagious Pioneers ranking next year? Contagious and a special guest from one of our Pioneer agencies will explain exactly how these companies have organised themselves to routinely deliver exceptional work.

Responsive Retail

With smartphones now firmly in the hands of the majority of consumers, the rter

tential to make a purchase is never more than a few tantalising clicks away. In theory. In practise, the real-life process of online shopping is only now beginning to catch up with that promise. The one-size fits all approach of mass retail is being re-engineered to make the internet’s inventory more specifically relevant to Me.

As ‘retail everywhere’ becomes a reality, we’ll show how the smartest brands are catering to individual customers with next generation services that use technology and AI to deliver more intuitive, human experiences at scale. This is retail reorganised around You.

Platform Focus / Snapchat

First we rolled our eyes at sexting teens. Then we complained about the baffling UX. But with 7 billion daily video views, and a valuation of around $16bn, marketers are coming to terms with the fact that Snapchat has established itself as a dominant force in media, with its own nuances, conventions and creative potential. With that in mind, we’ll delve into the insights and strategies behind some of the smartest and Snappiest campaigns to fast-track your understanding of what the platform can and cannot offer brands.

From Dumb Luck to Creative Leadership

When it comes to marketing that actually sells stuff, creativity kicks the living crap out of non-creative work. So why is it so hard to shepherd those exceptional executions from inception to sign-off without fatally compromising them along the way? And, more importantly, what can we do to protect, promote and consistently produce truly creative work?

We’ll share the practical principles we believe are central to overcoming the key barriers to creativity that are deeply embedded in even the most well-intentioned companies and individuals. Knowing there’s a problem is a good start, but in this session we’ll help you go further: just don’t expect it to feel entirely comfortable.


Jesse Coulter
Jesse Coulter Chief Creative Officer, Samsung Electronics America
Tracee Larocca
Tracee Larocca VP, Advertising & Brand Engagement, Taco Bell
Porter Gale
Porter Gale General Manager, Globality
Matheus Barros
Matheus Barros CEO, CUBOCC New York
Paul Courtney
Paul Courtney Chief Operating Officer, Colenso BBDO / Proximity NZ
Nick Parish
Nick Parish President Americas, Contagious
Katrina Dodd
Katrina Dodd Senior Consultant, Contagious Insider
Patrick Jeffrey
Patrick Jeffrey Senior Writer, Contagious
Chris Barth
Chris Barth Strategist & Consultant, Contagious Insider
Arif Haq
Arif Haq Senior Strategist & Creative Capabilities Lead, Contagious Insider


May 24 2016
9:30 am WELCOME

Nick Parish, Contagious


Patrick Jeffrey, Contagious

10:05 am SO ANYWAY

Katrina Dodd, Contagious


Chris Barth, Contagious
Porter Gale, Globality

11:00 am BREAK
11:30 pm SO ANYWAY

Chris Barth, Contagious


Patrick Jeffrey, Contagious
Paul Courtney, Colenso BBDO / Proximity NZ

12:30 pm LUNCH

Nick Parish, Contagious


Chris Barth, Contagious
Matheus Barros, CUBOCC New York


Katrina Dodd, Contagious
Ankush Sehgal, Try.com

3:30 pm BREAK

Arif Haq, Contagious
Tracee Larocca, Taco Bell
Jesse Coulter, Samsung

4:50 pm WRAP UP

Nick Parish, Contagious

5:00 pm EVENT ENDS

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